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Dublin’s Best Cocktail Bar – Also The Most Hidden Cocktail Bar Ever!

"I've lived in Dublin for 15 years and I have never seen or heard of The Blind Pig before! It doesn't exist, I promise!" - said the local taxi driver.

Searching For Dublin's Best Cocktail Bar...

On our first short break to Dublin, we were almost swayed to believe the top-rated speakeasy we'd scoured the internet to find was all a facade!

We spent our first night adamant that we'd walked past this elusive cocktail bar at least twenty times. Although every shop, restaurant or bar was very much closed! We scoured Google Maps and asked locals.  As well as even stopping by Molly Malone to see if she knew where Dublin's best cocktail bar was! However, eventually, we had to admit defeat and headed back to our apartment, still clueless!

The next morning we didn't leave the house until we knew how to find this cocktail bar! As a result, we eventually found out that it was hidden inside an Italian restaurant.  Also, entry was by reservation only. Finally, we had our answer! Following this, all was revealed in a secret email confirming our reservation. Luckily, we managed to get a late table, as they were almost fully booked! The directions were very obscure. The email mentioned asking the waiter about a customer.  As well as finding a french mustard sign, knocking on a pig's head and walking through a bookcase!

The Blind Pig was truly living up to its prohibition theme! Subsequently, to our long-awaited anticipation, we found the restaurant. The staff were already clearing empty tables as we were ushered downstairs.  Consequently, we entered a small, quiet space, where we found the rest of the clues. Eventually, the bookcase opened!  This revealed a lovely little tunnel-shaped cove, buzzing with energy and packed with groups and couples alike chatting over cocktails and food. We couldn't believe we had finally found Dublin's best cocktail bar!

The Cocktails!

We were taken to our table and handed two old books holding a whole bunch of delectable cocktails.  Inside, we even found a few hidden pages you'd be sure to miss with a quick glance! These awesome speakeasies host a wonder of lovely cocktails, with exotic ingredients and ingenious names and The Blind Pig was no exception. The cocktails we had, truly pushed The Blind Pig into our number one best cocktail bar ever! Marlie had a cocktail with a slice of chilli but with a contrasting candied flavour.  In addition, I had one that looked simple but was an unusual mix of sour and salted caramel! Truly Dublin's best cocktail bar, or perhaps, the whole of Ireland!

Dublin's best cocktail bar - Image of inside the cocktail bar featuring a low lit tunnel built with exposed brick

To this day, we still pine over these cocktails and our experience here! Without a doubt, anyone visiting Dublin should book a visit ASAP.  Additionally, if one cocktail isn't enough, The Vintage Cocktail Club is a five-minute walk away.  This lovely bar is hidden behind a blacked-out shop, with just a doorman standing outside!

We've recently learned that The Blind Pig has extended to also having 'The Little Pig' another great sister cocktail bar with equally mysterious codes and passwords for entry! Without a doubt, these three bars will keep you busy for a great weekend adventure, or even better, why not make Dublin's best cocktail bars your new locals?!

How to Try & Find It!

You can make those all-important reservations for the Dublin Blind Pig here or beat us to the London one here - and of course, tell us how it is!

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