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Park Guell Barcelona
Marlie in Budapest


As a kid, my travelling experience was little but far! Having visited just four places covering 3 continents by 17 (Ibiza, Singapore, NZ and Alaska!) I knew I loved the cultural diversity traveling offers!

At the ripe age of 25*, South America is the destination of my first official backpacking experience, which I am lucky enough to be doing with Marlie - my best friend and seasoned pro! And I definitely don't want to stop there!

*We'll get on better if you acknowledge that I am 25 forever.


I was born in London, took my first steps in Amsterdam and now, at the age of 26 I am still taking a shine to walking on foreign grounds!

If I'm not travelling, you will probably catch me staring out of a window by my desk daydreaming about travelling.  I always try to have some sort of future trip to look forward to and if you find me content whilst not travelling, it's probably because I'm eating cheese.

Sarah & Marlie - Cloud Walks

As you now know, we are Marlie and Sarah (hi!).  We met about two years ago and after getting to know each other, found out that we'd spent most of our lives crossing each others paths, literally metres away from each other (our commutes to work and getting lost at festivals could have been so much more fun had we realised!) and now you'll rarely ever find us apart.

Since we met, we've been gallivanting around London and taking short trips around the UK and Europe to feed our travel bug but we both hate having our lives being interrupted by routine so we decided to quit our jobs to go on a 3 year adventure around South America, Australia and Asia.

We hope you enjoy our content and always feel like you can come and walk the clouds with us!

Want to know more?

If you have any questions or just want to get to know us better (including where to send us cookies), feel free to drop us an email or hit us up on our social media via our Contact page.

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