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Hi, I'm Sarah

In my younger years, my travelling experience was little but far! Having visited just four places covering 3 continents by 17 (Ibiza, Singapore, NZ and Alaska!), I knew I loved the cultural diversity traveling offers!

I knew I had a passion for travel but I wasn't sure what to do with it, as I didn't quite feel brave enough for solo travel.  I then met Marlie, who ignited my travel flame with her passion for travel too. South America was my first backpacking experience, which was originally supposed to be a 6 month trip but has now turned into 3 years. 

Now I am passionate about capturing the moments we have on our journey and hopefully inspiring some of you, who are unsure what to do with that fire in your belly.


Hi, I'm Marlie

I was born in London, took my first steps in Amsterdam and now I am still taking a shine to walking on foreign grounds!

My parents are very much where I got my travel bug from.  My mum is the don at finding great deals (also where I get that from) so I ended up going on a lot of holidays growing up.  I was always a kid who sought adventure and as I became an adult, this turned into me always trying to have some sort of future activity to look forward to, whether it's a new travel destination or just the latest London pop-up.

I then met Sarah and this intensified... next thing you know, we were on a 3 year journey around the world together.

ATV Vanuatu

Where it all began...

We met about three years ago and after getting to know each other, found out that we'd spent most of our lives crossing each others paths, literally metres away from each other (our commutes to work and getting lost at festivals could have been so much more fun had we realised!) and now you'll rarely ever find us apart.

Since we met, we've been gallivanting around London and taking short trips around the UK and Europe to feed our travel bug but we both hate having our lives being interrupted by routine so we decided to quit our jobs to go travelling.

Why Cloud Walks?

It's a bit of random story.  In her 20s, Marlie decided a grown up thing to do would be to get all new, more luxurious bedding, instead of the cheap stuff she'd got used to at uni.  This resulted in her bed being nicknamed 'the cloud'.  As a couple, we have such a thirst for life together and are always up to something so we thought about having a YouTube channel.  We planned to do the videos from Marlie's bed and so it was going to be called Cloud Talks.  This then transgressed into an Instagram account about our life and travels and so the name got switched to Cloud Walks!

We hope you enjoy our content and always feel like you can come and walk the clouds with us!

Want to know more?

If you have any questions or just want to get to know us better (including where to send us cookies), feel free to drop us an email or hit us up on our social media via our Contact page.

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