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Hey, you! Thanks for stopping by.  We are Marlie and Sarah and we're here to share all our lifestyle and travelling tips, tricks and stories.  Check out more about us here.

We are currently on our three year trip around the world! After spending six months travelling around South America we are now currently based in Australia, where we will be spending two years with a working holiday visa, followed by a trip around Asia to finish!

We are both well rounded when it comes to travelling; one day you could find us enjoying a cocktail by the beach and the next jumping out of a plane.  One thing that ties all of our shenanigans together though, is that we like to stretch our money out as far as possible, whilst not compromising the quality of the experience.  We are all about budget travel but also know that sometimes, it's just worth splurging.

With this in mind, we want to share all of our various shenanigans with you and give you all some inspiration because why should we be the only ones having this much fun?

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