Blackpool vs Vegas

Blackpool vs Vegas

For years we have wanted to visit Blackpool to see the illuminations but have also been very aware of the bad rep it receives so we were definitely intrigued to find out what we thought of it first-hand.

Now, we’re not gonna lie.. in our opinion, Blackpool is pretty damn tacky. However, this is definitely not a negative point and it is what makes Blackpool what it is and it owns it! It isn’t our usual style, we admit, but we had two whales of a time! Embrace all that it is and be gifted with a unique experience... with a side of hot doughnuts while you’re at it.

We came to the conclusion that Blackpool should be viewed as the UK’s version of Las Vegas and here’s why…

1. The Blackpool Illuminations shine bright like the Vegas strip.

Las Vegas lights by Jakob Owens

2. Are arcade games much different to slot machines?

Vegas Casino
Arcade Games Blackpool

3. Thrill rides: Blackpool Pleasure Beach vs Stratosphere Tower.

Ride and Statue of Liberty model
The Big One Rollercoaster Blackpool

4. Traditional food. Vegas is full of American delicacies and there is no shortage of Fish & Chips in Blackpool.

Typical American Burger and Fries
Fish and Chips Blackpool

5. It might have been aiming for an uncanny resemblance to the Eiffel Tower but Vegas’ version definitely also seems very similar to the Blackpool Tower to us!

Las Vegas Eiffel Tower
Blackpool Tower

6. They even both have a Madame Tussauds.

Madame Tussaud’s Blackpool

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