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Australia is a beautiful country full of many contrasting landscapes. Whilst you travel around Australia, you can hike through giant gorges one day and tan on white-sand beaches the next. As well as that, you can then while away your weeks driving through red dirt roads, surfing, snorkelling and diving with sharks, whales and turtles! You can even do some sandboarding next to camels if you'd like!

Check out our full guides on everything you need to know about this beautiful country.  Currently, we are trying to cover as much of the land as possible during our three-year working holiday visa.

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Australia is fast becoming one of our favourite countries in the world! Consequently, we've loved discovering some of the most picturesque drives around Western Australia, Northern Territory, Victoria and New South Wales. Additionally, we can't wait to discover even more fabulous Australian places in 2021.  Due to our embarking on our East Coast Road Trip adventure!

At Cloud Walks, we do everything we can to provide you with in-depth travel guides.  This is especially the case with our travel guides for Australia, as we spent 3 years living and travelling there. Thus you can feel assured you're making the most of your time in each amazing location!

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Staying in Australia for a while?

Why not visit Vanuatu?  Vanuatu is one of the beautiful Pacific Islands, just a short plane ride away!

We spent 10 amazing days travelling around Vanuatu! In short, this included sending a postcard in the world's only underwater post office, visiting the most accessible active volcano in the world and also seeing the most colourful fish straight from the beach! Vanuatu is a great travel alternative to its neighbouring country Fiji. Furthermore, our guide will help you plan your epic visit!  Additionally, Vanuatu was also voted the happiest country in the world!

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