Santiago - Chile


Chile is one of our favourite countries in South America! Undoubtedly, the unique nature and activities to see and do in Northern Chile are enough reason for this alone. In addition, there's a chance to visit Easter Island. Not to mention, Antarctica too!

During our two week visit, we explored the interesting Chilean capital Santiago. There are heaps of amazing sights in this city. Including the tallest building in South America! Furthermore, the colourful Valparaiso is well worth a visit. The street art found here is beautiful! As well as the nearby seaside town of Viña del Mar.  Moreover, wine lovers can't miss out on the Casablanca wine region! In addition, the Atacama Desert is a must. Due to its amazing nature!

Whilst in Chile, be sure to try out one of the local delicacies.  We gave a traditional drink a go.  Namely, the Terremoto.  Turns out 'terremoto' is Spanish for an earthquake. In fact, the drink is called this because it's super strong.  Therefore, when you stand up, you'll feel like there's an earthquake! As you can imagine, we had quite a laugh experiencing this one. Good luck!

We have great guides to help you make the most of your time in Chile.  With that in mind, start planning your adventure now!

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