Themed Cocktail Bars in London

There are so many amazing cocktail bars in London but only a few give you a truly unique experience! Here is a rundown of some of our favourite uniquely themed cocktail bars in London. You may need to book in advance for some of them, but we promise it’s worth the wait!


ABQ is a cocktail bar based on the TV show Breaking Bad. It really goes all out, being set inside an RV and you “cook” cocktails whilst wearing Walter and Jesse’s yellow jumpsuits. Even if you’re not a fan of Breaking Bad, this is an awesome bar in its own right. Read more about it in our blog post here.

Two girls dressed in yellow jumpsuits drinking cocktails

The Bletchley

The Bletchley is ABQ’s sister bar but also completely different in theme. This is themed like an WWll bunker, where you’ll be equipped with an army jacket and will then be left to crack codes and decipher the clues on the walls in order to receive the cocktails based on your answers to the puzzles. Even the answers are provided to the barman through and old war time radio and because of the nature of how the cocktail are made, they will be completely unique to you.

Girl speaking into an old telephone wearing military uniform


Cahoots will always be one of our favourite bars in London. It is set up in a speakeasy style with the only clue to the entrance being a sign that reads ‘To the Trains’.As the sign may give away, this bar is themed like a train.. but not just any train, the infamous London tube. The cocktail menu is endless, as is the fun to be had in here. Please mind the gap!

Cocktail served in a traditional tea cup and saucer with a plate of buttered crumpets


If you can sneak your alcohol past the warden, you’ll have a great time in the prison themed cocktail bar, Alcotraz. Orange jumpsuit in tow, you’ll sit in your cell whilst your more experienced cell mates make 3 delicious cocktails out of your chosen contraband.

Bar with orange prison jumpsuits folded on the bar stools

Ballie Ballerson

Relive your childhood in this bar that comes with a ball-pit. When Ballie Ballerson first started, it had the everyday ball-pit you would’ve been used to as a child, which was still fab but they’ve upped the ante now with glowing balls. To keep up the nostalgia, there are also retro sweetie cocktails, such as the sherbet Dibbie Dabberson. A bar balls deep in Instagram worthiness.

People playing in a ball pit full of luminous balls

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