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24 Hours in Punta del Este

 We had an amazing experience staying with a local that we met through the Couchsurfing app. Our host kindly drove us around all these spots below and lived in the neighbouring town of La Barra, which we've also mentioned as it has a few surprises worth visiting! If you are going alone, we would recommend hiring a car for the day to get around. Finish with a sunset on the beach as the sunset here was one of our favourites. You'll see many cars perched on the road side watching the sun set and we had kids playing football slowly turning into silhouettes as the time passed. It was amazing.

The Hand or Le Mano

Punta del Este has a very famous hand sculpture coming out of the sand, within a five minute walk from the bus terminal. It is a must-see for anyone visiting the area. As it is so close to the bus terminal, we would recommend checking it out when you arrive or just before you leave.


Punta del Este hand

Museo Casapueblo - The White Wash Buildings.

A quick Google search of Punta del Este will show some beautiful white wash buildings. These buildings are actually a museum about a famous painter. There is an entry fee but you can also get some great pictures from outside or enjoy a sophisticated meal at Las Terrazas, whilst enjoying the views out to sea.


Punta Del este Whitewash buildings

The Caves

The caves used to be home to a small club, which closed down some years ago. It has quite an eery feel now but you can still see some of the left over paintings and where you can imagine the bar was. Be careful though, apparently bats have also made this their new home!


Caves Punta del Este

Gorlero Avenue

This is the main shopping and social street in Punta del Este, lined with restaurants, shops and bars. It is a popular hangout and an enjoyable walk. It is close to the ferry terminal, so if you arrive by ferry take a wander down here before heading to your accommodation.


bar drinks

La Barra - The Fun Bridge!

La Barra is a small town just next to Punta del Este, it is essential that you visit this small town by car as there is a bridge literally named, ‘fun bridge’, which makes your stomach do somersaults and looks like a small roller coaster!

This area also has amazing beaches, which had some of the best sunsets we have ever come across.

Bridge in La Barra

Tienes Ingles - English food?!

As a true Brit, we were very excited to find baked beans in this Uruguayan supermarket chain. They are a rare find in South America, so if you’re visiting it might be worth grabbing a few cans to enjoy on your travels and make the other Brit’s jealous!


baked beans

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