Top Mobile Apps for Travelling

These are our top mobile apps for travelling. We couldn’t live without these apps to help us get around safely and find everything we need. We’d recommend downloading them before you go so you don’t get stuck with no apps and bad wifi!

Catching flights


Skyscanner App

Skyscanner is the first place we check when it comes to finding the best flight prices.  It is very rare that cheaper ones can be found elsewhere in our experience.

The Hopper App

The Hopper App

Hopper is a fantastic app, which teams up with Skyscanner well.  As we mentioned, Skyscanner is great for finding the cheapest flights at the time of searching but then Hopper lets you know when the best time is to book those flights in order to get the cheapest flights overall.



If you like to stay in hostels during your travels, Hostelworld is the go-to app. You’ll be able to see what’s available, check out the reviews, amenities and the really important stuff like if breakfast is included. App

If hotels are more your thing or you’re treating yourself to one after many a dorm room, is the place to go. This is also a great place to check in more remote locations, we found some great apartment hotels, which beat hostel prices!


Airbnb App

One more for accommodation.   Airbnb is a great in-between for hostels and hotels and can sometimes work out cheaper than a hostel for a whole apartment.  Always a great option for deals if visiting somewhere during a specifically expensive period of time e.g  Rio Carnival, the Olympics etc.

Getting around

Google Maps

Google Maps App

Google Maps has saved us on many occasions during our travels and can really be taken advantage of when it comes to organising trips.  We tend to save all the main attractions, restaurants, bars etc we want to visit so they’re easy to find and then download the map so it can be viewed offline.

Izi is the perfect travel buddy.  It contains audio guides for cities, museums and other cultural attractions.  While wandering around, their GPS-enabled outdoor tours will sense where you are and trigger interesting points all around you!


Uber App

Uber usually works out best price-wise for getting around, alongside public transport. Uber runs in many countries across the world now and is also great if you’re in countries where you may feel slightly unsafe in a local taxi.


Rome2Rio App

Type in any two destinations from anywhere in the world and Rome2Rio will let you know how best to get from one to the other. Beware that the prices given can often be wrong and much higher than the actual price but we can vouch that the routes are on point though!


Google Translate

Google Translate App

When it comes to translating languages, Google is King.  Hold it over a menu and the camera will translate… need we say more?

XE Currency Exchange

XE Currency Converter App

Not the prettiest of apps but definitely the handiest when it comes to checking currency conversions.  XE also works offline so you won’t need wifi to figure out if you’re getting a good deal.

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