Rainbow Mountain

The Best Way to Visit Rainbow Mountain

You’ve probably seen all the amazing shots of Rainbow Mountain plastered over Instagram right? Clearly, looking like the people in the shot have the mountains all to themselves.  Also, the caption doesn’t mention anything about how they actually got there. Although to be fair, they were probably too tired to mention it. Due to that strenuous hike...

“Wait… what… strenuous hike?” We hear you ask.

The Hike to Rainbow Mountain

Firstly, none of the tours is able to take you all the way to the viewing point of the mountain by vehicle.  Therefore, the only option is to hike the rest of the way.  However, the hike is by no means easy. Admittedly, we are not avid hikers ourselves. In spite of that, whilst in Peru, we met many who are and they expressed the difficulties.

Undoubtedly, the high altitude is the main problem here and this is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly.  Due to the dangers of high altitude causing breathing difficulties. Along with headaches, nausea etc. All the same, obviously people still make it up there so if you’re feeling tough, by all means, go for it.

Avoiding the Hike...

In addition, there is another option for the not so tough or those who just simply can’t be bothered.  Namely,  heading up via horseback. It should be noted that you would still need to do a short hike but it is not as gruelling.

Ok, so you’ve made it to the top. Either sweaty or sweat-free, depending on your choice of the above options. Yup you’ve made it, along with all the crowds of people who also bought a similar tour.  Consequently making it near impossible to get a shot without a bunch of people also in it. Thus it is at this moment, that you realise that the Instagram shot was at an insane angle. Either that or someone has a good hand at Photoshop.

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With that in mind, you will still love Rainbow Mountain because who can be sad around rainbows? Seriously though, the mountains many coloured sediments look amazing. Everywhere you look holds a beautiful, colourful view.

However, what if you could have this experience without gasping for breath or making a poor horse gasp for breath instead? Due to the many stories from other travellers about the crowds and the hike, we almost didn’t visit. However, we also didn’t want to miss out!  As a consequence, we ended up searching high and low for an alternative.  Following this, we’re here now to save you from doing the same.

Rainbow Mountain Peru Couple

The New & Less Strenuous Rainbow Mountain

We came across Rainbow Mountain Expedition, who promised an alternative route, which included a much easier hike and no horses needed. Amazingly, this route seems to be one of Peru’s best-kept secrets at the moment. As a result, we practically had the mountains to ourselves, with no weird angles needed to get fabulous shots. Furthermore, the hike was easy for us and if it was easy for us, it’ll be easy for most. We couldn’t believe our luck! Consequently, it felt so much more special being there without hoards of crowds ruining the peaceful nature vibes.

We didn’t meet anyone else on our travels who knew about the alternative route so you also have free bragging rights with this tip. It should be noted that this tour is more expensive than the usual route but 100% worth it. Sometimes there are times when it really pays to splurge a bit and this is one of them. This way, you won’t be too tired for a Pisco Sour when you get back too!

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You’re welcome.

Rainbow Mountain Peru View

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