There’s Something for Everyone in Pennsylvania

When it comes to the Pennsylvania state, most people only think of Philadelphia as a travel destination. However, the state is full of gems and definitely worth more of your time. Below we have summarised the places to visit for an all round trip to Pennsylvania.


Philadelphia is the capital of the state and most likely to be the first place you'd visit in Pennsylvania. There is plenty to see and do in this city (see more detail here) with less hustle and bustle than New York. Whether you want to immerse yourself in history, marvel at the street art or simply run along the same stairs as Rocky, Philadelphia is the place for you.



Longwood is roughly an hour's drive from Philly. Here you can find the beautiful botanical Longwood Gardens. There is also a culture fix to be had at the Brandywine River Museum of Art and for something a little random, you could always take a tour around the QVC studios!

Longwood Gardens

King of Prussia - The Queen of Retail Therapy

Now for anyone that loves a little bit of retail therapy, King of Prussia is a must. The King of Prussia mall is the largest mall in the US and is full of all the favourites when it comes to shopping and dining. A personal recommendation for a place to get some top-notch food here is at Bonefish Grill. Cheesecake Factory is also there for all those cheese lovers!

King of Prussia

Lancaster - Home of the Amish

Lancaster is a unique destination, where you can really immerse yourself in another culture, with it being home to many of the Amish community. Here you will feel like you have stepped back in time as you visit one of the many Amish farms during a horse and buggy ride and have a wander through the arts and crafts markets with a cup of homemade lemonade. There are also some great places to get wine from around here. One of my favourite features of Lancaster is the old steam train you can take a ride on - The Strasburg Rail Road and also the Central Market, which is the country's oldest farmer's market. Sidenote: Prepare to chuckle as you realise you're in a place called Fertility, surrounded by Intercourse and Blue Ball (no, we're not joking!).

Lancaster Amish

Hershey - The Town with Hershey Kiss Street Lamps!

Heard of Hershey's chocolate? Of course you have! Did you know there's a whole town where everything is related to Hershey? We didn't either! And if you did know, why have you been keeping it such a secret?! Here you will find streets lined with lights that look like Hershey kisses and the house that belongs to the Hershey family, alongside the Hershey factory. It is a very surreal place but also lots of fun, especially as it holds the Hersheypark theme park!


Pocono Mountains - The Beautiful Spas!

Lastly, there is the absolutely stunning Pocono Mountains. The views from up here are incredible and the whole place feels very serene. The perfect place to relax after the adrenaline of Hersheypark. There are a heap of activities to do around here, such as horse back riding or kayaking, most of which can be hosted by your hotel or lodge. You can also ski here during the winter months. For full relaxation, there is no shortage of wonderful spas either. We recommend The Lodge at Woodloch Spa, which will truly take your breath away with its 40,000 square foot spa.

Pocono Mountains

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