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New York in a Flash

New York is fast paced and sometimes, so are we. If you only have a short time in New York, here is what is possible to see in 48 hours. This short list is trialled and tested, so you can do New York in true Yankee style!

Breakfast in Bryant Park

Central Park isn't the only nice park in New York, give Bryant Park some love too. This is a lovely park, which has a few stalls to grab a bite to eat and get you ready for the day ahead. It also has a lovely vibe on warmer days with various activities being held, such as juggling lessons or painting classes.

Bryan Park New York

Times Square

Of course, what kind of list would this be without Times Square?! No trip to New York is complete without seeing it. Prepare to take in the bright lights, buskers, street performers and all the other random craziness going on around you. Also try to experience it in both day and night!

Times Square new york

Top of the Rock or the Empire State Building

Here is your chance to be higher than all the towering New York buildings, and there are two main options. Personally, we think this can be decided by thinking about whether you would rather visit the Empire State Building or have the Empire State Building in your photos. If you can't decide, do both! The below photo was taken from the Empire State Building.

Empire State Building

Central Park

It's hard to miss Central Park when it takes up such a vast amount of space in the city. Enjoy a stroll or take a cycle tour around the park. If you want to see it all - the bikes are essential. Top points if you're lucky enough to catch a baseball game and be able to immerse yourself in even more American culture.

Central Park New york

The Statue of Liberty

For us, the Statue of Liberty provided that moment of 'wow, I'm seeing it with my own eyes after seeing it in so many pictures!'. Definitely high on our list of things to do in New York, catch a ferry from Staten Island, look back at the amazing skyline of New York from the sea and say hi to the Lady herself.

Statue of Liberty

The Bull and Wall Street

If you've seen Wolf of Wall Street, you'll want to go here just for the novelty and if you're into history, you'll want to visit the area that is the centre of the Wall Street Crash stories. Also, while you're here you can take a pic with the Wall Street Bull, which is a symbol of aggressive financial optimism and prosperity.

Wall Street New York

Ground Zero and One World Trade Centre

We don't feel that a visit to New York would be right without visiting the grounds of which the Twin Towers used to stand, and sparing a moment to think about all of those who lost their lives in the horrific 9/11 attacks. Today, you will find a lovely homage that surrounds an impressive water feature with the names of those who sadly passed away. From here, you can also take a look at the rebuilt One World Trade Centre.

Ground Zero New York

Grand Central Station

Grand Central Station is exactly what it says on the tin. A station, placed centrally and it is very grand! The latter point being why it is so popular to see! Alongside it being featured in many movies and of course, our favourite - Gossip Girl! xoxo

Grand Central Station

Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge is beautiful at any time of the day, but it is particularly lovely during a sunset! Make sure you get plenty of photos, as this is a very photogenic bridge!

Brooklyn Bridge New York

Little Italy or China Town

A lot of cities have a Chinatown but it's not very often that a Little Italy can be found! For this reason alone, it's pretty cool to visit but then of course, so is the waft of mozzarella cheese! There is no shortage of pizza and pasta dishes to dine on here. On the other side of the coin, even though there are plenty of Chinatown's, New Yorkers are famous for their Chinese take-out boxes. Either way, you're going to have some great food! Win-win!


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