uyuni salt flats
The Salt Flats in Bolivia is something we have seen photos of sporadically throughout our lives and the photos have always caught our eye. I mean, how could the image of a 4x4 seeming to drive along the sky not be eye catching? We had to pinch ourselves to believe that we were finally really doing it and that it wasn’t just the high altitude getting to our heads. What we didn’t realise when going
Rainbow Mountain
You’ve probably seen all the amazing shots of Rainbow Mountain plastered over Instagram right? All looking like the person taking the shot has the mountains all to themselves and the caption doesn’t mention anything about how they actually got there. To be fair, they were probably too tired to mention it, after the strenuous hike to get there. “Wait… what… strenuous hike?” We hear you ask. The hike to THE Rainbow Mountain Well, the tours
As we arrived into Puno a day later than scheduled, we realised if we wanted to stay overnight on a tour of Lake Titicaca, we needed to find a tour company ASAP who could take us the next day! Why we wanted to visit Lake Titicaca.. Lake Titicaca is one of the destinations we’d been looking forward to since before we’d even left the UK for 2 main reasons; to visit the world’s highest navigable
Cholitas in Bolivia
So, women all around the world have had a tough time throughout history but a side of the story often unknown to others, is the story of the Bolivian Cholita’s. So what is a Cholita? Cholita is this name for the indigenous women of Bolivia, who are easily distinguishable from their long puffy skirts and bowler hats.  They have suffered decades of racism and abuse, in a country where until recent decades they could be
Irish bar
"I've lived in Dublin for 15 years and I have never seen or heard of The Blind Pig before! It doesn't exist, I promise!" - said the local taxi driver. Searching for this cocktail bar in Dublin... On our first short break to Dublin, we were almost swayed to believe the top rated speakeasy we'd scoured the internet to find was all a facade! Having spent our first night adamant we'd walked past the bar
Faith is the light that guides you through the darkness
Have you ever gone to a pop up gallery and wanted to get closer to the art, like really immerse yourself in it? Usually, you are snapped back into reality from the telling off for even stepping too close! This is where Smith & Sinclair had us covered! They created an atmosphere where it was absolutely encouraged to engage with the art, whether it be by smelling, touching or even consuming it and it was
Smiles after the zip wire experience
I was once strolling through Liverpool City centre and spotted somebody flying across above me on an urban zip wire. In an instant, I thought to myself London needs something like this but a year went by and still… nothing. However, this lust for a local London zip line finally came to an end thanks to Zipworld. They even went that extra step, as last summer... Zipworld announced that they were launching the biggest, fastest

Inside Pussy Riot

Posted on November 9, 2018

Grab your brightest coloured clothes, pull on a balaclava, stand up for what you believe in… and get imprisoned for two years! Welcome to the Pussy Riot Experience This is what the girls of Pussy Riot experienced back in 2012. They are a group of modern day, post-punk feminists based in Russia, who partake in protests supporting movements such as feminism and LGBT rights and opposing President Vladimar Putin. As a result of these protests
Image of Walter White
Never has a bartender served me a cocktail and slipped a bag of white powder into my hand! Yet this seemed as normal as asking for a straw at ABQ London! The unique cocktail bar themed around the Breaking Bad series. Marlie and I have known about this experience since it was a little pop up in Hackney and now the iconic RV truck is permanently stationed near Bethnal Green. The experience is like no
View of Greenwich, London
We were so happy to tick this off our bucket list! We had finally experienced the iconic moment of having one foot on each side of the Prime Meridian Line, where east meets west! Since the late 19th century, the Prime Meridian at Greenwich has divided the Eastern and Western Hemispheres of the Earth - just as the equator divides the Northern and Southern Hemispheres so as you can imagine, it’s a pretty cool moment