A guide to visit the Mendoza Wine Region

The Mendoza wine region provides Argentina with two thirds of its wine, so it only makes sense to find out why Argentinian wine is so well renowned with a visit to the wineries here.

Maipu Valley is one of the most popular parts of the region and it is where we decided to drink copious amounts of wine (for research purposes, of course).

How to travel around the region

Some people choose to hire a bike to go around the vineyards, but we didn’t fancy drink cycling so we decided to buy a tour through
Kuhauk, which allowed us to get picked up straight from our hostel, get taken around the vineyards whilst also learning all about the region from our guide.

The Tour


Our first stop was at a large vineyard called Trapiche. Trapiche makes a wide variety of red and white wines and is big in the business. Our visit involved a walk around their huge factory to learn all about the production process and then their barrel room to show where the wine is stored before it’s packaged and placed on your dining table.

We then got to the most important part, the tasting room. We were offered a tasting of 3 whites and 3 reds, which was made extra special by the beautiful view of the numerous olive trees. There was also a very quirky touch of a glass floor placed above the barrel room. If that wasn’t enough, on the way out we were greeted by a couple of llamas. So far, so good.

Trapiche Winery Mendoza


Next up was Sinfin, which was our personal favourite. Sinfin is much smaller in the game so we could see a different aspect of the wine industry during our tour of their factory, done by such a lovely, engaging guide. Again, we had a tasting of 3 reds and 3 whites, this time accompanied by nibbles. If your tongue wasn’t already loose before, it definitely would be by this point... which is when you realise it’s great that lunch is being served up next.

Sin Fin Winery Mendoza Argentina

Familia Zuccardi

Shortly after thinking lunch at the next and final bodega, Familia Zuccardi would be good to soak up the wine, you’ll realise Kahauk are super generous and the 3-course lunch is served with pairing wines. That’s when you realise you'd rather have great material for your “research”. Hick!

The final bodega also included a walk around their vegetable garden, an olive oil tasting and a peek at the factory producing the oils.

We left the valley feeling like we got a true insight into the production and tastes of Argentinian wine and were kindly dropped back off at our accommodation, ready to have a rest and wake up as Argentinian wine connoisseurs.

Oil Mendoza Argentina

Other wine regions we visited

If like us, you love Chilean wine, you have to check out our guide on the Casablanca region too! Nestled just between Santiago and Valparaiso, it's so easy to get to - check out our full guide here.

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