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Free parking in any City can be so hard to find and when visiting Melbourne we struggled to find free parking here too. We spent a few months roaming around the City in Nelson, our campervan, so we eventually found the best free parking in and around Melbourne.

The free parking we’ve kindly shared with you below is ideal for exploring some of the main hotspots in this vibrant city, Melbourne!

We loved St Kilda, Fitzroy, Chapel street and found a great parking spot to enter the City easily by tram too. Please feel free to share any other parking you’ve found in the comments!

Free parking in Melbourne CBD and Fitzroy

This is the perfect free parking in Melbourne to enjoy the City and the many eateries in Fitzroy and Brunswick street. A brief 15 minute walk away from Fitzroy or 2 minutes to the 96 Tram stop is an 8-hour parking space (between 7 am-6 pm) throughout the week which is also completely free on the weekend too! #Winning!

Top tip: The Library here has free wifi available until 11 pm each night, this area became our little home for a lot of our time in Melbourne. We also loved the cute little townhouses around this area and enjoyed the authentic Italian eateries around Carlton Gardens too.

You'll find a couple of roads around North Carlton are 8 hours, but we found this particular area the easiest to find a free space. The 8-hour section we preferred is passed Canning street, which you'll find is also 8 hours. Enjoy!

Free parking in Chapel street / Prahran

The perfect find for those nights going out on Chapel Street, it is a few minutes away from Chasers nightclub and the rest of the great nightlife here.

The free parking can be found at the end of Ellis street on the right-hand side. We believe the car park is also free parking.

We have slept here for a few hours after a great night at Poof Doof, better safe than sorry guys!

Free parking in St. Kilda

This is the backpacker hotspot for free parking in Melbourne. It is free at all times and is surrounding the whole of the Botanical Gardens. We wouldn’t recommend camping here as we’ve been told that this area is patrolled throughout the night and many backpackers have been caught sleeping here! Oops!

We did use this space for our car whilst we travelled back to the UK for two weeks and our van was completely safe, although not from the bird droppings!


In the unlikely case you’ve not found a parking spot around the Botanical Gardens. There is unlimited parking in three spaces close to Habitat HQ too.


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