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Have you ever gone to a pop up gallery and wanted to get closer to the art, like really immerse yourself in it? Usually, you are snapped back into reality from the telling off for even stepping too close! This is where Smith & Sinclair had us covered! They created an atmosphere where it was absolutely encouraged to engage with the art, whether it be by smelling, touching or even consuming it and it was called 'The Flavour Gallery'.

Pop Art image of Marilyn Monroe

The Gallery

The gallery featured a selection of awe-inspiring artists, including Terry Pastor, Gods Own Junkyard, London Loom, Anja Predojevic and Tom O'Hare, no space was wasted at this pop up gallery, there was an immersive experience in every corner. Whether it be changing the colour of the art with your very own hands to finding yourself rubbing your back on a vibrating pillar – there was definitely a new experience for everyone lurking inside.

To further add to the adventure, all of it could have been done with a cocktail in hand (alongside the edible cocktail handed to you at the door). We headed to the heat sensitive bar where Smith & Sinclair had partnered up with Lanique for some amazing bespoke cocktails. Yes, I said heat sensitive bar! We happily grabbed an ice cube and made our own art while we waited for our drinks.

The Cocktails

Speaking of the cocktails – we had what we think might have just been the prettiest cocktail we’ve ever had (and we’ve had a lot)! Under the light, we came to the realisation that the drink was laced with glitter goodness, creating an awesome shimmer as we swirled our drinks around.

We would have already been sold at this point but when we finally got round to drinking it rather than playing with it, it also tasted great too!

For those who didn’t want to get tipsy and kept a normal gallery decorum there were also non-alcoholic cocktails. This wasn’t by any means your everyday gallery though, so of course there was also edible cocktail flavoured perfumes too!

Faith is the light that guides you through the darkness

The Elusive box?!

Our favourite part of the gallery was the elusive red box placed in the centre of the room. As we made our way around the other artwork, we kept noticing people heading in and out and wondered what was going on.

Red Box

Turns out it was all about heightened senses - headphones and blindfold in tow, we made our way around the box, feeling the walls for guidance and took a journey through a night out on the town. The walls went round in stages, firstly covered in grass. Moving on to pushable knobs, making us feel like we were playing the instruments that was playing in our ears. The next part of the wall had crockery and glasses stuck to it while we heard the sounds of a kitchen. Lastly, the end of the night was nigh with the feel of various coats before heading back into the gallery with a slight confusion for where we’d just been.

At least there weren’t any night buses involved.

Unfortunately this event was a temporary pop up and has now finished but Smith & Sinclair love a good pop up. They have recently had pop ups allowing you to create your own alcoholic sherbet dipper! For the impatient times between their pop ups, they also do great alcoholic sweets which are equivalent to half a shot each… result!

Check out what they're up to and treat yourself to some adult gummies too!

Edible Fragrances

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