The hidden paradise of Jericoacoara

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When tourists visit Brazil, they tend to stick to the southern parts of the country but after doing some research, we discovered a place called Jericoacoara and just from the pictures alone we decided that Northern Brazil needed a visit.
Jeri is otherwise known as the Brazilian Maldives and it is for good reason.
One of the most exciting parts about visiting Jeri is the hour long journey through mixed terrains and sand dunes that it takes to discover the hidden paradise that lies behind the walls of sand.
Colourful sign

The little piece of paradise in Northern Brazil

We felt completely detached from the rest of world in this little haven, where there is no such thing as chain stores or restaurants, rush hour or even tarmac roads! Being in a place where every road is just sand, it was completely acceptable here to walk everywhere bare foot and enjoy the sand in your toes.
Every restaurant here looks like it’s been shipped straight from the set of a romantic movie and even going for an ice cream will feel like you’re stepping into the scene of your proposal. To add to the ambience, the majority of the areas where you’ll find the shops and restaurants are cut off to motor vehicles, which are mostly just quad bikes and buggy’s here so you can enjoy the sandy alley’s winding through all the boutique shops in peace.
White clothes on mannequins outside a shop

The Nightlife

If you don’t want it to be, Jericoacoara isn’t just all bare feet and tranquility, however. There are a few bars and clubs here if you’re getting restless in your hammock at night. Every Friday and Saturday night, there is a line of cocktail stands leading up to the beach serving fresh caipirinha’s (Caipi’s), where you’ll find a DJ at the end. There is also San Antonio bakery, which opens at 2am if you’re needing something to soak up all those Caipi’s or if you just wake up in the middle of the night and feel peckish.
Cloud Walks in a hammock

The fun activities!

Jeri has a beach in the village but the main attraction lies within the dunes and lagoons. There are two main excursions that can be done in Jeri; one of the East and one of West, either done by buggy or quad bike.
The East side is for those who are wanting a relaxing day out in true paradise, as here you will have the opportunity to chill by the filtered lagoons. If you google Jericoacoara, this will be the pictures you see of the hammocks in crystal clear waters.
The West side is for those looking for a bit more activity. Here you will ride through the dunes and still have the opportunity to relax in the lagoons but these ones aren’t filtered, although still wonderful. To get the adrenaline pumping, you can also zip line straight into a lagoon. We did this tour with Trilha do Jerico and can’t recommend them enough! They are very professional and tech savvy Roberto, comes equipped with a GoPro and Drone to catch footage of your day so come prepared with a USB drive so he can provide you with amazing video footage!
Selfie of cloud walks with Trilha's Roberto

Where do you go from here?!

As if Jeri isn’t amazing enough, a 5 hour journey in a 4x4 will bring you to the town of Atins or Barreirinhas. Here you can do an excursion to the natural wonder that is the National Park Lençóis Maranhenses. We think pictures speak for this beauty more than words but we can say that this is one of the most beautiful places we have ever seen and is truly breathtaking.
Lagoon in the middle of a sand dune
Jeri, we will miss you dearly and hope to return some day soon!


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