Science, yo! Breaking Bad meets Cocktail bar…

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Never has a bartender served me a cocktail and slipped a bag of white powder into my hand! Yet this seemed as normal as asking for a straw at ABQ London! The unique cocktail bar themed around the Breaking Bad series.
Sherbert lines and a straw
Marlie and I have known about this experience since it was a little pop up in Hackney and now the iconic RV truck is permanently stationed near Bethnal Green. The experience is like no other, and the bar staff do a great job to go the extra mile to make it authentic and always fun!
Cloud Walks dressed in jumpsuits cooking cocktails
There are many drink options to choose from, ranging from a tequila twist on the espresso martini, to a punchy martini, and some awesome sharers that literally make you feel like your sitting in your old chem lab!
Heisenberg written on the wall
Even if you have no idea who Walter White is you need to
1. Watch Breaking Bad
2. Seriously, why have you not seen it yet?
3. Go to this bar anyway, as it is an amazing bar in it's own right.
Image of Walter White
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