Is it a bird, is it a plane?

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I was once strolling through Liverpool City centre and spotted somebody flying across above me on an urban zip wire. In an instant, I thought to myself London needs something like this but a year went by and still… nothing.
However, this lust for a local London zip line finally came to an end thanks to Zipworld. They even went that extra step, as last summer...
Zipworld announced that they were launching the biggest, fastest city zip wire in the world along Southbank!
Waiting to ride the zip wire
Sarah, who had actually never done a zip line before due to her fear of heights, wasn’t quite as eager as I was but I of course, was thrilled!
There were a few moments where it seemed as though Sarah and my mum too for that matter, might have pulled out but they both put their brave face on and not only got through it but really enjoyed it too (which is what I’ll be reminding Sarah of if she tries to escape from the zip line we’ll be doing in Bolivia!).
Cloud Walks helmeted up for the zip wire
Personally, I found the 10 flights of stairs up to the launch harder than the actual launch itself but if that wasn’t enough to distract any nerves; the instructors at the top were fab and gave any necessary pep talks.
“3, 2, 1, go!” they shouted as I whizzed along, providing me with a unique view of London. At roughly only 30 seconds of admiration time, it may have been short lived compared to the many rooftop bars in London but then, none of them come with such a great shot of adrenaline.

Update: Zip World returned in the summer of 2018 to offer more people this unique opportunity. There is no news on whether they'll return again, but you can find out about their Nationwide adventures here.

Smiles after the zip wire experience


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